Asus launches NX90Jq Gaming Laptop with 64-bit Windows 7

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Good news for all who have been patiently waiting for this laptop from Asus. The Asus NX90Jq Gaming Laptop is now available to be purchased. As the title suggests, this laptop is great for those who love to play games and is good especially for those who are game developers.

As you can see in the picture, the Asus NX90Jq Gaming Laptop is huge and definitely looks ideal for gaming fans. The laptop comes with Windows 7 (64-bit). It comes with a large screen that will surely make games look as real on the screen, and is stylish.

It features an 18.4-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It works on an Intel quad-core Core i7. It comes with 8GB DDR3 of RAM. Other features include 802.11n WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, 8 in 1 reader, TV tuner, HDMI and VGA. The Asus NX90Jq Gaming Laptop is available to be purchased in the United States alone and no word from Asus on when it plans to release the laptop elsewhere.

Apple releases update for MacBook Pro

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Apple has finally released the EFI Firmware update for the new Core i5 and i7 MacBook Pro portable laptops. These Apple models were released in April. Apple promised its owners that an update would soon be available to fix certain parts of these devices. Now the EFI Firmware update has been released and owners of these laptops can head over to Apple’s official site for the necessary download.

Apple strongly recommends the MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.9 for all the users of these models. The update addresses the errors that some users faced with the Core i5 and i7 MacBook Pro portable laptops. Several Core i5 and i7 MacBook Pro laptop owners have complained that either during startup or while running, the laptop suddenly freezes. With the update, Apple has also added extra compatibility with external displays that previously the 17-inch MacBook Pro couldn’t recognize in certain circumstances. The MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.9 is only a 2.16mb file and can be found on Apple’s official site.

Acer releases Aspire One D255 netbook

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Laptop and netbook manufacturer Acer has been quiet for a while now regarding its upcoming devices until today. Today the company has decided to launch its new netbook. Acer has finally released its Aspire One D255 netbook in stores in the United States. According to Acer, the new Aspire One D255 netbook will be sold by its retailer Home Shopping Network (

The Aspire One D255 netbook is said to be the first model of its line to be available in the United States. It works on the new 1.5GHz Intel Atom N550 dual core processor. It comes with a memory capacity of 1GB RAM and a 250GB hard drive. It has a 10.1-inch display that features a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Wi-Fi connectivity is also featured on this netbook.

The Acer Aspire One D255 netbook is available for $399. It comes in an array of colors including red, black, aquamarine and sandstone

Canadian PC maker offers the ‘dream laptop’

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A PC maker in Canada is offering a laptop that comes with a full 4TB of storage and works on Intel’s fastest six-core processor. This is certainly the type of laptop that many people would want to have.

Eurocom is creating the Panther 2.0 laptop which apparently has been designed to be the perfect workstation replacement when it comes to high-end graphics and CAD (computer-aided design) programs. The Panther 2.0 laptop comes with a big enough 17.3-inch screen. It also comes with up to 24GB of memory. A 3.0-megapixel webcam is also featured on the laptop.

The Panther 2.0 laptop comes with 4TB of storage, which is not a common memory capacity found in desktops PC and laptops. The storage is placed in a four slots separate drive on the laptop. There are 2 processor options on this laptop which are Intel’s Core i7 Extreme Edition or Xeon 5600 chips, and these have up to six processor cores and can run at speeds of up to 3.33GHz. Normally, these types of chips are found in desktop PCs and servers. The laptop is available for pre-order now on Eurocom’s official website.


India unveils tablet PC worth $35

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India is one of the fast underdeveloped countries in line to be number one in everything; from poverty to IT. This time, India is in the news again, thanks to the $35 laptop it is promoting. We all know the price of modern technology doesn’t come cheap especially gadgets. Laptops are sold from $400 – $2000 so where does this $35 laptop fit it. Let’s find out.

Touted to be the most sensational Indian gadget, this laptop is also known as the Indian tablet PC. Priced at just Rs 1500 which is $35, this Indian tablet comes with a 2GB of RAM that should be enough for any basic tasks. The tablet allows for video streaming as well as documents editing. This Indian tablet PC works on Android.

Other features are on this $35 tablet such as Bluetooth, Wi-fi and USB ports. It also has connections such as Video out, SD card slots and SIM card slots (3G ready connectivity). The tablet features a 7-inch display screen and a camera. Aimed for university students, the price of this Indian tablet PC might go down to just $10 in the coming months.