Acer Aspire 5732Z-443G32Mn, an all-rounder

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Looking around today we came across this claim that the Aspire 5732Z-443G32Mn is the perfect laptop. What do we look out in a laptop? Or rather, how can we define the perfect laptop? We think the ‘one’ should have a long-lasting power, light portability and most important of all, the best performance. Not forgetting the fact that the laptop has to be worth its price.

The Aspire 5732Z-443G32Mn comes with an Intel Pentium T4400 running at 2.2GHz and with an integrated graphics card. It has 3GB of memory and a 320GB of hard drive. Going online on this laptop is great with no interruptions. There aren’t that many ports provided on this laptop but that doesn’t stop the device from offering an impressive battery life.

Acer has always maintained their standing in the notebooks’ market. We mentioned once before that when Acer manufactures a laptop, they naturally will direct that particular laptop to a certain type of consumers. Moreover, consumers will get what they are paying for with Acer

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