Asus unveils U36 – set to compete with MacBook Air

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For all those who have been waiting for a new laptop that will challenge Apple’s Macbook Air; looks like the device has arrived. The new Asus U36 is set to heavily challenge the MacBook Air, according to experts.

Asus’ U36 is the latest notebook in the market right now. Unlike other laptops sparing the Apple ones, this one is thin and slim. Designed in a magnesium alloy body, this ultraportable laptop measures just 0.75 inches in thickness and weighs not more than 3.5lbs.

The Asus U36 laptop is powered by either the newest Intel Core i3 or i5 CPU. Paired with the Nvidia Optimus graphics and Super Hybrid Engine, it comes with a 4-cell battery that can last for about 10 hours. It is equipped with a dual-pipe cooler integrated in the system. The Asus U36 laptop definitely sounds good for those who are looking a nice and fast laptop. So far, no word on when the Asus U36 laptop will be released.

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