ASUS Zenboox UX305FA-ASM1 Review

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Choices, choices…
Looking for a laptop today is more than confusing as there are some incredible computers available with a variety of fun features such as touch screens, 2-in-1 tablets and net books. If light and thin are on your wish list, the ASUS Zenbook ( is a great choice, but if you want the experience of a touch screen you will need to look elsewhere. It is mid-range as far as cost is concerned at under $700. For similar models, you can spend up to $1349 for the Dell XPS, for example.

Measuring up

The ASUS Zenboox ( available at Amazon for $699.99 is an impressive model as it is an extremely thin, light and attractive, with an aluminum body, laptop. It measures 12.8 inches X 8.9 inches. Overall there are many positives to this new computer, such as it’s less that 1/2 inch in thickness and just about two-and-a-half pounds in weight. It has been ranked four and a half stars on Amazon and three and a half on PC Mag (,2817,2480750,00.asp) and it has left many customers pleasantly surprised.

USB availability

There are many USB ports along the sides even though it is a thinner model, which is wonderful for charging cell phones and the like. There are ports available for a microphone and headphones as well as output for visual and audio needs.

Battery life

Compared to a similar product, the Mac Book Air (128 GB) the Zenbook has twice the amount of storage (256GB) available for your files and apps. It is 8G in speed and the power allows for most professional and casual gaming necessities. The battery life is approximately 10 hours, which is another great feature for out of office events and meetings as well as for flexibility and convenience. A similar model, such as the Lenovo Yoga which is over $1199 with less power. This is yet another example of how the machine measures up.


There are many installations included in the set up, most importantly Windows 8.1, a 30-day membership of Microsoft Office 365 and Netflix. There are literally hundreds of downloadable apps to personalize the laptop. Some of them you may not need and they are easy enough to remove.


The display is an amazing HD 1920 X 1080 resolution. It has a matte finish for anti-glare visuals and is equipped with an IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel that allows for excellent color and a 170 degree viewing angle. The downfall with the matte finish is the loss of intensity in some of the darker colors. The streaming capabilities are excellent for presentations and HD movies.


As far as security options are concerned the Zenbook has a built-in case lock as well as Intel-Anti Theft technology and Lo-Jack capabilities.There is a one-year warranty that ASUS offers for accidents such as a drop or spill.


The speaker system (Bang and Olufson) has been given mixed opinions due to some buzzing at high volumes since they are installed on the bottom side. The machine itself is completely silent and does not have a fan system. ASUS AudioWizard has some great features that allow for a wonderful musical experience.


It is a comfortable keyboard as you type away on the smaller keys and the touch pad measures 4.1 inches X 2.9 inches. The drawback is the lack of a back light if you need to work in a darker environment.

Video capabilities

The ability to video chat is exceptional and has a 1.2 megapixel HD camera. There is a low light sensitivity aspect that allows for a great viewing experience. Most standard cameras are 15 fps (frames per second) but the Zenbook has double that capability at 30 fps.
So there you have it. It is a great deal and a smart choice for $699 and measures up easily against similar as well as more expensive models. There are many more pros than cons depending on your taste and needs as it is a powerful machine, with great storage and speed capabilities. The security perks and battery life are a couple of the aspects that stand out. ASUS is a leading technology company and has some great offerings with regards to netbooks, notebooks, motherboards and laptops. They have a great customer support service center which is available 24/7 for questions and concerns.

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