Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Review

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The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro has all the brilliant functionalities of all hybrid yoga laptops and more. In fact, this laptop can be used in various ways including stand, tent, laptop or a tablet. The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Review demonstrates how this unit stands out from it previous predecessor, the Yoga 2.Furthermore, this Yoga laptop has an ultra-chic exterior design and touch screen display that can allow the screen to flip around 360 degrees. The laptop offers even more versatility in that it enables you to enjoy a stellar touch screen experience- and even lay the laptop flat at 180 degrees angle. And at an average weight of just 2,8 lbs and 0.5 inches thin, this laptop comes with a powerful Intel Core processor along with an outstanding super high-resolution QHD Plus(3200 X 1800).

Key Features

Intel Core M 5Y70 Broadwell Processor (2.60 GHz Turbo, 1.10GHz Base 1600MHz 4MB)- this state of the art Dual-core four way Central Processing Unit offers ultrafast performance on the go. And with the addition of the Intel Turbo Boost Technology, this Yoga laptop will deliver added dynamic power when you need it the most. What’s more, the unique Intel Core M Processor will provide enhanced battery lifetime without compromising on performance. This Core M processor is especially ideal for those who want to runs tasks concurrently thus helping them to increase their productivity.
13.3″ QHD+ LED Glossy Multi-touch with integrated camera (3200×1800)- discover the brilliance of the 3200 x 1800 resolution screen that delivers supreme clarity and detailed images. More so the 10-point multi-touch display provides brilliant graphics while in-plane switching (IPS) technology guarantees that the pictures will be flawless across a variety of viewing angles. The Intel HD Graphics 5500 GPU is more than capable of handling basic tasks and will only falter when pushed to the ultimate limits.
8.0GB DDR3L SDRAM and 256GB Solid State Drive- the hefty and high-bandwidth RAM for advanced multitasking can smoothly run most games and easily handle video and photo editing applications. In other words, you will rarely have to worry about the machine deadlocking on multiple programs or several browser tabs at once. Additionally the 256 GB Solid State Drive will handle store a multitude of media files and documents safely. What’s is remarkable is that a Solid State Drive features no moving parts, thus resulting in enhanced start-up times and data access, along with reduced heat and noise and controlled battery use.
360° flip-and-fold design-One benevolent addition is the ability of the PC To detect when the PC switches modes and recommends settings and apps for each position. Furthermore, the YOGA Notebook can be placed with ergonomic keyboard placed flat at 180 degrees across the desk. Moreover, you can watch clips in the tent formation for supreme visibility. The laptop can achieve myriad forms of gymnastic positions thanks to a patented flip design with a 360-degree dual hinge. The touchpad and the keyboard are de-activates when the display is flipped over above 180 degrees to avoid accidental keystrokes.
Bluetooth 4.0 and Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 Wi-fi- sharing media never got easier than with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. In other words, users can be able to transfer music, photos and other media between the Yoga PC and compatible devices. The inbuilt high-speed wireless LAN allows you to connect to hotspots and networks on the prevalent Wi-Fi standards. Additionally, the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC is known to have up to 2 times more speed capability than the conventional 802.11 standards. Such a kind of brilliant connectivity qualifies the PC as a towering dinosaur in the realms of cable cutting and internet gaming worlds.

Other key specification: Premium JBL® Speakers, 13.3 inches screen, Laptop Dimensions- 13.3 x 9 x 2.7 inches, Weight-2.7 pounds, Operating System- Windows 8


  • Extended battery life (up to 8 hrs)
  • Sleek, ultra chic and contemporary design
  • Unique 360 Degree Flip Hinge Design
  • High-Quality Network Connectivity


  • The unit Lacks a CD drive
  • There is no number pad. Function keys have to be accessed via Fn+top row numbers


Overall, taken together, this Hybrid Pc offers brilliant performance without compromising on battery power. The main highlight of this Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Review is the myriad forms of gymnastic positions that enhance usability in any setting. The manufacturers do well to add in benevolent additions such as the auto adjusting keyboard ability that prevents unintended keystrokes.


Lenovo G450 Review

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lenovo-g450-t6600The Lenovo G450 is a media-centered notebook laptop that hails from Lenovo’s Value Line range of budget notebooks. It offers similar performance as the G550 that is also from the same range. The main difference between the two is the smaller keyboard and display. Besides that, in terms of design, the Lenovo G450 sports a sleek design in hairline and textured. The main cover is made of durable material that can prevent any screen distortion even if the back of the screen is hit or flexed. As for the interior, it is of the same colour as the lid. In terms of colour scheme, the Lenovo G450 sports a classic back-to-basics ThinkPad colour that makes it black inside and out. As for the chassis, it is constructed entirely out of plastic but feels solid enough to be sturdy. The Lenovo G450 also sports a full-sized ergonomic keyboard.

The Lenovo G450 measures 1.41 in x 13.6 in x 9.3 in (H x W x D) in dimension and weighs approximately 4.87 lbs. It comes under a one year limited parts and labour warranty. In general, the Lenovo G450 has a normalized cache size of 1, a normalized display size of 14 inches and a normalized installed memory of 4 GB. In terms of storage, the Lenovo G450 has an internal hard disk drive that has a capacity of 320 GB. It also has a DVD + / – RW DL optical dive. There is also a 14 inch LCD display with glossy screen and LED backlight. Besides that, the display also has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a maximum WXGA resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. In terms of video features, the Lenovo G450 incorporates an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X 4500. The Lenovo G450 operates on a Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system. Alternatively, it is also backwards compatible with a Microsoft Windows XP Pro. Additional features include a network card that features Ethernet 10/ 100 Mbps, Wireless Ethernet IEEE 802.11 Draft N, Wireless Ethernet IEEE 802.11 a, Wireless Ethernet IEEE 802.11 b, and Wireless Ethernet IEEE 802.11 g. There is also a built-in web camera situated right above the display. The Lenovo G450 is powered by a 6-cell battery that has the capacity to provide up to 3.8 hours of battery life. Not only that, it is also Energy Star compliant. In terms of memory, the Lenovo G450 incorporates DDR3 memory with up to 3 GB of installed memory capacity. However, it also has the ability to support up to a maximum of 4 GB of installed memory. Input devices consist of a keyboard and a touchpad. Interface connections consist of Audio line in (1/8 inch mini), audio Line out (1/8 inch mini), Ethernet RJ45, HDMI, USB-Universal Serial Bus 2.0, and VGA. Besides that, there are also several slots on the Lenovo G450’s body itself, including an Express Card 34 slot, and a 5-in-1 Memory Stick MultiMediaCard (MMC), SD Card and an xD-Picture Card.


“Its performance is just as beautiful. A high-definition 16-inch screen, along with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD guarantees spectacular visuals. Its Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6500 and 2 GB of RAM offer hitch-free performance. You can open a mountain-load of windows and simultaneously run applications and this laptop will still be going. Saving a ton of files is possible, too, since this laptop has 320GB of hard drive space to spare.

Its WiFi b/g capabilities, LAN port and 56k modem only mean quality Facebook time. Three USB ports, meanwhile, assures you a headquarters of sorts. Plug away your gadgetry and do a big file transfer party. All in one go. Convenient, yes? But the happiest thing about the G450? It takes security concerns seriously. It has a Veriface tech, which lets you use your face as password. At under P33 grand, the G450 is most certainly a value-packed deal.” (FHM, 2009)

Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet

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lenovo-thinkpad-x61-tabletThe Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet is an ultraportable business laptop. This product comes with durability. Not just that, this product also comes with many design characteristics just like the rest of the Thinkpad line including its internal unibody structure, full-size keyboard, stainless steel display hinges and complete port section. The fit and finish of this product comes with no creaks anywhere. The outside case of this product is very strong giving. Not just that, this laptop also comes with a good deal of protection when thrown into a briefcase or maybe even a tall purse. Users will have no problem removing access panels and covers of this product. Protection from the display cover of this product is very good. It would take a ton of pressure before owners and users start seeing any ripples on the screen.

Lenovo ThinkPad T42 Review

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untitled1The Lenovo ThinkPad T42 is the latest addition to the Lenovo thinkPad T series. This product comes with the latest processors, fastest graphics as well as durable and reliable data storage. This product comes with powerful Intel Core 2 duo processors. On top of that, this product has ATI mobility Radeon HD3650 on T500 and ATI mobility Radeon HD3670 on T400. This Lenovo addition also comes with switchable graphics. This product comes with various forms of storage.

This product has up to 250 GB 5400rpm hard disk drive, 200GB 7200rpm hard disk drive, 320GB 5400rpm hard disk drive and 64GB solid-state storage drive. This product also comes with a solid-state drive. The solid-state drive accesses data faster uses less power and comes with no moving parts. This addition is considered less susceptible to damage or breakdown than traditional hard drives. Thus, owners will get durability, longer battery life and faster boot and application load times.

The Lenovo ThinkPad T42 comes with various features. This product has Intel processors. Not just that, this product also comes with ATI mobility Radeon graphics card. On top of that, this product comes with a diverse storage system which has multiple features. The energy efficiency of this product has improved by more than 25{f447e3ba84e224c28a6dd1d335ad9c602d86644eb36c6c2e50c7b50bed35fc8a} compared to other previous T series products. The hardware improves LCD backlight displays and an SSD drive use less battery power and creates less heat. This notebook also allows switchable graphics which lets users move to lower quality graphics when users need to maximize the mobility of the computer timing. In addition to that, this product also has an optical disk drive and audio auto switch to a low power state. This product also comes with software enhancements such as the new Green power scheme, battery stretch as well as thinkpad energySaver technology. The Lenovo ThinkPad T42 comes with new switchable graphics, LCD backlit displays as well as DisplayPort technology features which bring superior graphics performance. Users can use the hot-key feature between performance and power saving graphics modes or switch via the software user interface. This feature requires no reboot to switch modes and one unified driver covers both discrete and integrated graphics. The new LED backlit display on the Thinkpad T series produces different brightness, crisper colors and lover power consumption life. This high-resolution display also contributes to the thin and light design than conventional displays. Users who would like to travel with this laptop will appreciate the wide dimming range of the LED backlit display. This feature will allow users to reduce brightness while still experiencing a crisp, comfortable display in dim environments such as an aircraft cabin. This product is also made to protect the environment by developing and producing a mercury-free LED backlit display. The new DisplayPort video gives users the ability to attach a high-resolution digital DVI monitor using a DisplayPort connector. The DisplayPort is a next generation display interface technology which is used for a broad range of applications not only for notebooks but also for monitors, televisions and projectors. The Lenovo ThinkPad T42 comes with a variety of connectivity choices with the ThinkPad T series. This new product comes with Mobile Broadband-ready, Ultra-wideband Bluetooth and WiMax-ready capability. The Mobile Broadband-ready capability lets users connect to a mobile network and switch to a different carrier during the life of the system. The Ultra-Wideband lets users clear cable clutter and free up USB ports utilizing certified wireless USB technology. Users can take advantage of this technology by using a wireless USB hub. This product also comes with security. The Lenovo ThinkPad T42 comes with information security. This product comes with ThinkVantage technologies which maximizes security and convenience. The client security solution offers users business and integrated security solution right out of the box. The Intergrated Fingerprint reader enables biometric authentication with the swipe of a finger. The Lenovo ThinkPad T42 is one of the first in the industry to offer Intel Anti-Theft protection which gives an extra layer of security and manageability incorporated with Computrace Data protection and Intel vPro technology. Intel AT-p offers users the option of activating hardware-based, client-side intelligence to secure the PC or data if a notebook is lost or stolen.