India unveils tablet PC worth $35

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India is one of the fast underdeveloped countries in line to be number one in everything; from poverty to IT. This time, India is in the news again, thanks to the $35 laptop it is promoting. We all know the price of modern technology doesn’t come cheap especially gadgets. Laptops are sold from $400 – $2000 so where does this $35 laptop fit it. Let’s find out.

Touted to be the most sensational Indian gadget, this laptop is also known as the Indian tablet PC. Priced at just Rs 1500 which is $35, this Indian tablet comes with a 2GB of RAM that should be enough for any basic tasks. The tablet allows for video streaming as well as documents editing. This Indian tablet PC works on Android.

Other features are on this $35 tablet such as Bluetooth, Wi-fi and USB ports. It also has connections such as Video out, SD card slots and SIM card slots (3G ready connectivity). The tablet features a 7-inch display screen and a camera. Aimed for university students, the price of this Indian tablet PC might go down to just $10 in the coming months.

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