Lenovo ThinkPad T42 Review

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untitled1The Lenovo ThinkPad T42 is the latest addition to the Lenovo thinkPad T series. This product comes with the latest processors, fastest graphics as well as durable and reliable data storage. This product comes with powerful Intel Core 2 duo processors. On top of that, this product has ATI mobility Radeon HD3650 on T500 and ATI mobility Radeon HD3670 on T400. This Lenovo addition also comes with switchable graphics. This product comes with various forms of storage.

This product has up to 250 GB 5400rpm hard disk drive, 200GB 7200rpm hard disk drive, 320GB 5400rpm hard disk drive and 64GB solid-state storage drive. This product also comes with a solid-state drive. The solid-state drive accesses data faster uses less power and comes with no moving parts. This addition is considered less susceptible to damage or breakdown than traditional hard drives. Thus, owners will get durability, longer battery life and faster boot and application load times.

The Lenovo ThinkPad T42 comes with various features. This product has Intel processors. Not just that, this product also comes with ATI mobility Radeon graphics card. On top of that, this product comes with a diverse storage system which has multiple features. The energy efficiency of this product has improved by more than 25{f447e3ba84e224c28a6dd1d335ad9c602d86644eb36c6c2e50c7b50bed35fc8a} compared to other previous T series products. The hardware improves LCD backlight displays and an SSD drive use less battery power and creates less heat. This notebook also allows switchable graphics which lets users move to lower quality graphics when users need to maximize the mobility of the computer timing. In addition to that, this product also has an optical disk drive and audio auto switch to a low power state. This product also comes with software enhancements such as the new Green power scheme, battery stretch as well as thinkpad energySaver technology. The Lenovo ThinkPad T42 comes with new switchable graphics, LCD backlit displays as well as DisplayPort technology features which bring superior graphics performance. Users can use the hot-key feature between performance and power saving graphics modes or switch via the software user interface. This feature requires no reboot to switch modes and one unified driver covers both discrete and integrated graphics. The new LED backlit display on the Thinkpad T series produces different brightness, crisper colors and lover power consumption life. This high-resolution display also contributes to the thin and light design than conventional displays. Users who would like to travel with this laptop will appreciate the wide dimming range of the LED backlit display. This feature will allow users to reduce brightness while still experiencing a crisp, comfortable display in dim environments such as an aircraft cabin. This product is also made to protect the environment by developing and producing a mercury-free LED backlit display. The new DisplayPort video gives users the ability to attach a high-resolution digital DVI monitor using a DisplayPort connector. The DisplayPort is a next generation display interface technology which is used for a broad range of applications not only for notebooks but also for monitors, televisions and projectors. The Lenovo ThinkPad T42 comes with a variety of connectivity choices with the ThinkPad T series. This new product comes with Mobile Broadband-ready, Ultra-wideband Bluetooth and WiMax-ready capability. The Mobile Broadband-ready capability lets users connect to a mobile network and switch to a different carrier during the life of the system. The Ultra-Wideband lets users clear cable clutter and free up USB ports utilizing certified wireless USB technology. Users can take advantage of this technology by using a wireless USB hub. This product also comes with security. The Lenovo ThinkPad T42 comes with information security. This product comes with ThinkVantage technologies which maximizes security and convenience. The client security solution offers users business and integrated security solution right out of the box. The Intergrated Fingerprint reader enables biometric authentication with the swipe of a finger. The Lenovo ThinkPad T42 is one of the first in the industry to offer Intel Anti-Theft protection which gives an extra layer of security and manageability incorporated with Computrace Data protection and Intel vPro technology. Intel AT-p offers users the option of activating hardware-based, client-side intelligence to secure the PC or data if a notebook is lost or stolen.

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