More on Toshiba Portege R705’s features

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Toshiba recently launched a new laptop from their Portege R700 line called the R705. The Portege R705 might look like Apple’s MacBook Air if not for the colorful designs that this laptop comes in. It is a little thicker than Apple’s laptop weighting in at three pounds. Though if compared to Apple’s MacBook Air, there are pros and cons but we won’t get into that. This laptop comes with three USB ports a built-in Ethernet port; an HDMI port; and a memory-card reader. The HDMI port can be used for direct, high-definition connection to your TV. Almost all laptops now come with an HDMI port.

There’s enough memory capacity to keep everyone happy; 500GB HDD & 4GB Memory. The device runs on the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium. The R705 comes with more than four hours of battery life which is good when it comes to its type of battery and specially this is when it is used heavily.

During normal circumstances, the battery is expected to last more than five hours. At the moment, on Toshiba’s own site, the Portege R705 is being offered for $890 but for those who want it at a cheaper price, Best Buy is currently offering it for $800.

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