New 15-inch Dual Screen Acer Laptop Spotted

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Good news for all who love a good leak! An unannounced Acer laptop has been spotted in the wild. What’s more? The device comes with dual screens that measure 15-inch. More likely, the display screen will be used as the display while the other screen, of the same size, will be used as a replacement for the keyboard and trackpad.

It might seem that this not yet seen Acer laptop is huge. Well, it could be if it is carrying dual 15-inch screens. As usual, this leak too comes with the least information possible. The online community has been racking up their brains to decide the device’s features based on the pictures leaked alone.

Basically, the Acer dual screen laptop has the same concept as the Microsoft Courier and theToshiba Libretto W100 whereby the latter has only 7-inch screens. Experts are saying that this Acer laptop with dual screens will be released late next year. Looks like we will have to wait a long time for the full package!

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